Drinking From the Trough of a Tyrant's Piss

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"We wanted to expand our sound to include some electronic elements, to add depth to our raw atmospheric style. We wrote a ton of songs for this time around, and the ones that stuck, were the ones that featured a different feel than our last album"

THE LIVING - Self Titled LP

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"Most noticeable is the sprawling progressive rock atmosphere and the powerful choruses that wouldn’t be out of place in an arena. New song “Deceiver” encompasses both of those things — after a listen or two, it’s hard to avoid having the melody stuck in your head." 

"A band can be based in rock but still have elements of heaviness and metal, of course, and that’s exactly what The Living are. The San Francisco outfit is getting set to release their debut, but already they’ve received praised from Decibel, Pop Matters and others, no small feat. They caught my ear on first listen, too; their music lives and breathes — no click tracks or endless layers of guitars here — just a real rock band kicking out the jams."

"Add The Living to the list of Bay Area bands that defy easy classification but which stimulate the imagination. The Living populates new track “Hot Breath” with melodies and rhythms that bring to mind the British New Romantics without losing a scintilla of power. Derek Barnes’ emotionally charged vocals prove as poignant as they are enigmatic; the six-string figures he and fellow guitarist Julian Balestrieri weave are nothing short of masterful."

"It’s the type of album that can be played in the background while you go about other tasks, or it can demand all your attention as you absorb the lyrics and how they complement the incredibly mature musical arrangement." 

"If you aren’t swaying your head back and forth when you hear this you might want to check your pulse."